Why we do what we do

The fashion industry has played a large role in increased pollution, resource scarcity, resulting in  predictions of the fashion industries negative impacts increasing drastically by 2050. This presents an opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs to take a creative lens on how we might radically change the way we recycle, make effective use of our resources and move to renewable inputs. With consumer populations shifting to more sustainable forward approaches to buying, the sustainable fashion market has been steadily increasing year over year.

The Ripe bag was designed to support and empower the hard-working, modern day woman who seek to create a world that women are treated as equals, and ensure that young woman of future generations are brought up with the narrative of empowerment and encouragement to accomplish their greatest aspirations.


One of our founders, first started developing the concept for this bag, when she realized the difficulties women had in finding a bag that would support all of their versatile activities they engaged in during the day.  Ripe fashion believes that sustainable, eco-considerate investments in fashion and beyond are critical to the health of our environment and our future.  We also believe that fashion can be used as a powerful platform, used to drive the narrative of our future generations, and how we educate people on the importance of equality and environmental protection.

We hope that you’ll join us on our journey of building an equitable future for all.

-Team Ripe