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Our shtick

In a world where we are bombarded with content from every angle, and every medium, the ability to capture attention has become increasingly difficult. Similar to the villagers in Aesop’s story of the boy who cried wolf, people have struggled to find any truth or authenticity in the stories they are told today. In the early stages of the internet, we may have been more likely to click on the “free business advice” advertisement, likely because, during this time these links were few and far between. We have since witnessed a generation exposed to content overload which has resulted in a generation of distrust. As a result of this distrust, businesses with true ingenuity are challenged to fight harder to maintain the core values in which their businesses were once built upon. By educating business on the role and importance that data plays in their overall story, we help people to generate trust in their audiences, maintain authenticity and stand out in the ever-cluttered marketplace.

The Go Do team believes in businesses that are human centric, passion driven and authentic. Through education and collaboration, we help businesses amplify their story by leveraging the power of data. Data is only as valuable as the story-teller allows it to be. The Go Do team works with people to help them to first understand the value of data, how it fits into their story-line and why it’s worth sharing.

We've found a knack for the following and would love to share this with you (in a think outside of the box, non buzz word kind of way)

Human Centric Design
Data Mapping & Education

Story-telling/ Data visualization

Business Development

Proposal & Grant writing