rise of the underdogs

The Go Do Project was created to encourage people out of their confidence zones and onto the dance floor to waltz with fear. Most simply put, "Go Do" are two words that we choose to use as a daily reminder to go and do, aka go change the world, without hesitation serving as an interference.

We're not here to consult you, we're here to be an active passenger to your success and not the kind
of passenger that screams at you for going 52 in a 50 zone. In fact, we'll encourage some healthy law-breaking along the way, to ensure we’re not limiting our talents to too small of a dance floor. On the flip side, we're here to help you find that part of the world where you can really get your jive, much like Mick Jagger did with the small dance floor spaces he was confined to in the early days.

If you’re feeling like you’re reading the words of a "crazy" person, then we're likely not the right team for you (and, your suspicions would be correct). But, if you feel like you’re up for challenging the status quo and being creative in your pursuits with a healthy nudge to get started, then we're going to get along swimmingly.

Our criteria for working with you and your team, is purely in your ability to be open, vulnerable and human.