GoDo Goodies | May 24th Edition

We’ve got a lot of interests at GoDo. Here’s a small collection of things that gave us inspiration this last week we’d like to share with you.

What We’re Thinking About

Attention Economy.jpg

How we spend our time and attention is becoming more and more important in the Distraction Economy. Most of the products we use every day area able to be offered for free to us because they run ads. This is continually driving down our attention rates, making us more distracted than ever. Read Stewart’s 5 minute take here.

What We’re Listening To

Rayland is amongst the ranks of creatives that grew up dreaming of escaping to some version of a cabin in the woods, a place that offered peace and quiet, isolation and above all else: a place to create. The underlying thread embedded throughout Raylands writing is one of deep appreciation of what it means to be human, with emphasis on the need for society to slow down and appreciate the world for its natural elements, rather than the constant grind to become “ celebrity successful”.

What We’re Watching

Lily Myers’ slam poetry performance of “Shrinking Women” went viral a few years ago, but after unearthing it again this week, we were reminded of just how powerful it is.

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-The GoDo Team

Stewart Hillhouse