GoDo Goodies | May 10th Edition

We’ve got a lot of interests at GoDo. Here’s a small collection of things that gave us inspiration this last week we’d like to share with you.

Who We’re Inspired By

At GoDo, we believe in putting humans at the forefront of our design process.  It didn’t take long for our team to geek out and become lifelong fans of Ingrid Fetell Lee’s work on the “Aesthetics of Joy”.  One of our personal favourite podcast hosts, Debbie Millman, sat down with Ingrid (dynamic duo!) and discussed the effects that the design of our natural environments and surroundings have on our mental health and how small changes can make the world of a difference.


What We’re Reading

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

In this quick read, Keller and Papasan make a case for why being a “one-trick-pony” is actually an advantage. In a world where everyone and everything is desperate to get your attention, choosing to be purposeful with your time could be the difference between getting what you want from life and work.


Who We’re Learning From

Photo Credit: ForDays  https://fordays.com/

Photo Credit: ForDays https://fordays.com/

Your first shirt purchase at For Days is $38. After that, every time your shirt wears out, a new one is only $8. The only catch is that you must send your old shirt back to For Days for recycling. This is a closed loop system. A closed loop system is one where all waste is put back into the value chain to serve as raw material for the next production. For Days’ unique commitment to the environment and to the reduction of fast fashion recently raised $2.8M in seed funding. Clearly, people are listening.


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-The GoDo Team