GoDo Goodies | Technology & The Humanities Edition

We’ve got a lot of interests at GoDo. Here’s a small collection of things that gave us inspiration this last week we’d like to share with you.

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What We’re Reading

In a world where we have seen rise to technologies that cater to our every need, and quite frankly, solve the everyday lazy persons “problems”, the concept of using technology for good is welcomed with wide open arms.

What if technology sought to solve some of the greatest problems facing humans and our environments today? Fortunately, we are witnessing a rise in technologies focused on social good. The “Annie” software program, for Re-settlement Services is no exception to this idea. Imagine we leveraged the power of connected technologies and data to ensure our newcomers felt welcomed every step of the way as they made their journey into the unknowns of settling into a new country? Read more about how they’re making this tech into a reality.


What We’re Listening To

When you think about the term “Social Infrastructure”, what comes to mind? This is a concept that has been re-occurring for us in the recent weeks, as its meaning can vary depending on the context of discussion. We think of access to services, such as, housing, transportation, healthcare amongst other resources serving the greater good of humanity. Author Eric Klinenberg explores the concept even further in his book titled “Palaces for the People: How Social Infrastructure Can Help Fight Inequality, Polarization, and the Decline of Civic Life.” In the book, he explores the supporting data that emphasizes just how important our investments in social infrastructure are to human survival and how in some cases, has marked the difference between life or death. One of our favourite podcasts, 99% Invisible, spoke with Eric to explore his thoughts here.


What We’re Excited About


This week we welcomed Holly Ayles, the newest member to join the GoDo team! Holly will be joining us this summer as our data analyst intern, thanks to the Venture for Canada internship program. We’ve been (not so) quietly cheering Holly on over the years for all of her impressive work in the realm of data visualizations and her unique ability to find connections between seemingly unrelated data sets in order to solve complex social problems.

We’re excited to share with the rest of the world all of the wildly creative and intelligent work that Holly will bring to GoDo and the world. Excited as we are? Check out Holly’s blog on the recent GovMaker conference here. Holly’s takeaway? It’s about time we had a conference that addressed topics that are uncomfortable, but necessary. Topics that address the reality of the fact that our abilities as humans are evenly distributed but our opportunities and privileges are not.


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-The GoDo Team