GoDo Goodies | How Data Will Change Forestry

We’ve got a lot of interests at GoDo. Here’s a small collection of things that gave us inspiration this last week we’d like to share with you.

What We’re Thinking About


There is so much you can learn from exploring how other industries work and applying that to a problem at hand. Forestry holds a special place in our hearts for a few reasons. Yes, Stewart originally studied forestry, but also because of how many values need to be considered when making decisions.

Forestry requires looking at an individual tree with just as much intent as a 60 year harvesting plan. That huge variety in scope is only effective through effective data collection. Check out our full article about how new data collection methods are changing the forestry landscape (pun intended).


What We’re Listening To

While business podcasts have a place and time, sometimes their editing can be a little dry. We recently discovered Song Exploder to sooth those auditory cravings. They bring on a musical group or artist and have them explain their process of bringing a song to life. From early demos recorded using Voice Memo apps to the final polished tune, it’s a deep dive on the entire creative endeavour. Complete with great editing and meaningful revelations, Song Exploder is a much needed palate cleanser whenever you find yourself zoning out your usual pods.


Who We’re Inspired By

Ellen MacArthur set the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world by a solo sailor in 2005. Using her global perspective, she started spreading the word of circular economies. Since then, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with business, government and academia to build a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.

One of their many initiative is creating The New Plastic Economy. It’s a robust plan that brings together some of the biggest players in the world like Unilever, Coca Cola, and Danone to agree on the direction and the basic set of principles that everyone will adhere to. This is serious work working to solve a serious issue.


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-The GoDo Team