GoDo Goodies - What The Heck Is On-Device Intelligence?

We’ve got a lot of interests at GoDo. Here’s a small collection of things that gave us inspiration this last week we’d like to share with you.

What We’re Thinking About

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Apple recently has been making a push to be the only tech company you trust. On-device intelligence (or on-device AI) is part of their plan to do this. Soon your personal data won’t be sent off the device. Instead, data will be sent to your device and the AI will deliver you custom experiences without ever sending your data to the cloud. Our full article can be found here.


What We’re Listening To

If you haven’t listened to Cal Fussman’s podcast, Big Questions with Cal Fussman, then we’ve got a treat for you. Esquire journalist turned podcaster has a way of asking his A-list guests the kinds of questions you won’t hear them answer anywhere else. We admire Cal’s ability to ask simple questions and then stop talking. This gives his guests the space to really dig deep in their answers. His guest, Simon Sinek, is another role-model to us and we can’t wait to read his new book, The Infinite Game.


What We’re Reading

messy middle

Adobe's Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Scott Belsky, has a really cool background. With no good way for creativees to organize their work, he founded Behance. It has now bloomed into a giant community full of amazing work that you can spend hours ogling over. His latest book, The Messy Middle, tells the story that we don’t often hear. What happens between starting a project and its success. It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s full of pictures. It’s perfect.


What We’re Watching

Watch this amazing machine created by the Swedish folktronica band, Wintergatan. While their music is catchy, what we really are amazed by is the intricacy of their handmade instruments. They document all the work they’ve done to get their Marble Machine tuned up on their YouTube channel.


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The GoDo Team

Stewart Hillhouse